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How can I farm $ETH on Flappy Base?

You will collect $ETH Coins while clearing all 30 Game Levels.

Will this be real $ETH or fake ETH in the game?

Each ETH Coin you collect in the game represents 0.0000001 real $ETH.

Can I sell the ETH I collect in the Game?

Yes, you can withdraw your collected $ETH to your MetaMask wallet once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount (0.0025 $ETH).

Can anyone play the game and farm $ETH?

Yes, anyone can play the game and farm $ETH. However, you can only withdraw your $ETH to your MetaMask wallet if you have deposited at least 10,000 $FLAPPY Tokens into your account.

What happens when I clear all Levels in the Game?

Users unlock "Practice Mode" where they can improve their skills for Battle Mode.

What is Battle Mode?

It’s a game mode where you can bet your $ETH Coins and compete with another player to see who goes the furthest on the map. The winner keeps the pot both players bet.

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